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Before homeowners read their Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions(CC&Rs), a British Common Law practice still exists in the US today, not until the 1955 Supreme Court case Brown vs. Education, not until the 1988 Fair Housing Amendments Act, today HOAs and CC&Rs still weigh heavily on real property values.

Once a blogger wrote about hard-to-deal and painful HOAs, because research on HOAs was extensive and hard to obtain. At Rate My HOA, LLC, our vision is to provide a “personal credit score” like rating for HOAs, so home buyers can skip the laborious work, therefore, finding a dream home with a suitable HOA.

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Why Rate HOA ?

We believe People are the real driving force behind the 3 Ls in real estate phrase “Location, Location, Location”.

Homeowners form HOAs, pass CC&Rs and operating rules. These local data are the most opaque and neglected information to discover during a real estate transaction.

There are frequent online stories about HOA special assessment fees, sudden bankruptcy of a HOA, HOA rules against renters and landlords.

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What We Offer

Rate My HOA, LLC would like to offer a social media like online platform to reveal much needed HOA information, using latest Big Data technology, and Ai algorithms to create a matrix with a final rating to aide realty transactions.

We hope this service would help real estate buyers and sellers to make much informed decisions.

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HOA Matrix

Here are some of the criteria:

Green Energy
Paying Dues
Community Activities